Executive Assessment

We bring rigorous analytics to executive assessment. Building on the leadership model we will develop with you, we identify key indicators of performance and potential. We provide a thorough analysis of each executive’s suitability for a role, their strengths, and areas requiring further development. The assessment will indicate the leadership ability of the executive: the mastery of the leadership competencies enables the executive to transcend the role of manager and become a true leader. With a detailed understanding of executives from around the world, we are able to provide feedback by comparing executives to their peers in comparable companies.

Why do firms undertake executive assessments?

  • To provide the CEO, the Board and the leaders themselves with confidence that they have the skills to grow the business and are equipped with data that will allow them to ‘push back’ to any doubters that may exist. The confirmation of a right sized management team will be a clear signal to the external community.
  • Assessments give a clear indication of the appropriateness, readiness and potential of its top leaders to execute the strategy and perform in the future. The data is objective and will be presented both to the organisation and the individuals in actionable form.
  • Assessments provide the opportunity to benchmark existing talent against the external market.
  • To gather intelligence to help the business decide on where to focus its leadership development efforts.
  • To build the most critical skills in leaders, and to ensure that any gaps revealed during the assessment are closed.

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