CEO Coaching

One of the challenges that new CEOs face is recognising that they are managing a portfolio of activities, not just a single business. Their honeymoon period is short and the pressure to perform is intense, so planning how they use their time, resources and energy is critical. The key questions we address with CEOs are:

  • Has the CEO identified and articulated a strategy for the business and is the Executive team fully aligned in its ambitions to deliver that strategy?
  • What are the CEO’s main accountabilities and who are the key business partners whom he/she will rely on in each area of the business?
  • Are the Executive team’s individual and group accountabilities clear?
  • Is the CEO aware of the strengths and weaknesses of his/her Executive team members, and is the CEO utilising their strengths and addressing areas where they need support?
  • Are the core values of the CEO clear to the team and do they support them?
  • Does the CEO believe there is both trust and authenticity in the Executive team?

CEO consulting is a very personal and intense process. We are entirely flexible as to the pace and scope of CEO consulting projects.

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